24 Hours of Adrenalin

24h adrenalin
Laps details
Bib TEAM Name
943 First4 DB Riders
Category Position category Overall. Pos
6 to 10 Person - Corpo 40 147
Laps PEN. (lap) Net Laps
15 0 15
Best Lap At Lap #
1:12:26.951 2

LapTotal timeLap timePen. LapsName
101:27:1801:24:540Steve Recsky
202:39:4501:12:260Brad Recsky
304:12:3701:32:510Alaina Recsky
405:57:0801:44:300Frank Clifford
507:35:5501:38:470Matthew Ulmer
609:38:5202:02:560Dave Rock
711:34:5901:56:060Denny Wong
812:58:2401:23:250Steve Recsky
914:12:4701:14:220Brad Recsky
1016:12:3401:59:460Frank Clifford
1118:06:1401:53:390Matthew Ulmer
1219:30:0101:23:460Steve Recsky
1321:07:1001:37:090Alaina Recsky
1422:53:5001:46:400Denny Wong
1524:10:5401:17:030Brad Recsky

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