24 Hours of Adrenalin

24h adrenalin
Laps details
Bib TEAM Name
934 Riversdale Meat Handlers
Category Position category Overall. Pos
6 to 10 Person - Corpo 2 3
Laps PEN. (lap) Net Laps
23 0 23
Best Lap At Lap #
57:38.749 2

LapTotal timeLap timePen. LapsName
101:04:1101:01:490Declan Unsworth
202:01:5000:57:380Dana Ruddy
302:59:5000:58:000Cory Zetterstrom
404:06:2201:06:310Albie Malan
505:07:0401:00:410Alex Vanneste
606:19:3701:12:330Erica Musyj
707:27:5701:08:190Matt McIsaac
808:27:1600:59:190Declan Unsworth
909:26:1800:59:010Dana Ruddy
1010:24:4400:58:250Cory Zetterstrom
1111:34:2201:09:370Albie Malan
1212:34:5301:00:310Alex Vanneste
1313:50:2501:15:310Erica Musyj
1415:06:3501:16:100Matt McIsaac
1516:09:4701:03:120Declan Unsworth
1617:13:3201:03:450Dana Ruddy
1718:14:0601:00:330Cory Zetterstrom
1819:21:3301:07:260Albie Malan
1920:21:0500:59:310Alex Vanneste
2021:34:5301:13:480Erica Musyj
2122:37:1301:02:190Declan Unsworth
2223:37:5301:00:400Dana Ruddy
2324:36:5100:58:580Cory Zetterstrom

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