24 Hours of Adrenalin

24h adrenalin
Laps details
Bib TEAM Name
570 The Dusty Bastards
Category Position category Overall. Pos
5 Pers - 220 and over 1 4
Laps PEN. (lap) Net Laps
23 0 23
Best Lap At Lap #
59:43.343 2

LapTotal timeLap timePen. LapsName
101:05:5701:03:500Damian Francis
202:05:4100:59:430Peter Tondl
303:08:1301:02:320Gaetan Hache
404:09:5801:01:440Gabriel Laroche
505:13:1101:03:130John Groeneveld
606:14:4401:01:320Damian Francis
707:23:3901:08:550Peter Tondl
808:26:5701:03:180Gaetan Hache
909:29:3001:02:320Gabriel Laroche
1010:34:0401:04:340John Groeneveld
1111:36:5901:02:540Damian Francis
1212:39:1301:02:130Peter Tondl
1313:47:5501:08:420Gaetan Hache
1414:53:4201:05:460Gabriel Laroche
1516:01:4501:08:020John Groeneveld
1617:06:3001:04:450Damian Francis
1718:09:1301:02:420Peter Tondl
1819:15:3401:06:210Gaetan Hache
1920:19:3101:03:560Gabriel Laroche
2021:25:1701:05:450John Groeneveld
2122:30:1401:04:570Damian Francis
2223:30:5001:00:360Peter Tondl
2324:37:5701:07:060Gaetan Hache

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