24 Hours of Adrenalin

24h adrenalin
Laps details
Bib TEAM Name
566 Feds5
Category Position category Overall. Pos
5 person 190 to 219 3 16
Laps PEN. (lap) Net Laps
21 0 21
Best Lap At Lap #
1:01:12.165 2

LapTotal timeLap timePen. LapsName
101:11:3701:09:030Mark Fedoroshyn
202:12:4901:01:120Martin Slagorsky
303:16:3201:03:420Richard Mulligan
404:26:1301:09:410Joe Boers
505:34:5101:08:380Brett Smith
606:37:4001:02:490Martin Slagorsky
707:41:5701:04:160Mark Fedoroshyn
808:47:0901:05:110Richard Mulligan
909:56:3301:09:240Joe Boers
1011:10:0801:13:350Brett Smith
1112:18:2401:08:150Mark Fedoroshyn
1213:31:2001:12:560Martin Slagorsky
1314:41:3801:10:170Richard Mulligan
1415:59:5001:18:120Joe Boers
1517:48:3101:48:400Brett Smith
1618:56:1301:07:420Mark Fedoroshyn
1720:06:4201:10:280Martin Slagorsky
1821:13:5201:07:090Richard Mulligan
1922:24:2301:10:310Joe Boers
2023:31:0701:06:440Brett Smith
2124:39:5201:08:440Mark Fedoroshyn

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