24 Hours of Adrenalin

24h adrenalin
Laps details
Bib TEAM Name
500 Sleep is for the Weak
Category Position category Overall. Pos
5 Pers - Co-ed 38 232
Laps PEN. (lap) Net Laps
10 0 10
Best Lap At Lap #
1:31:47.696 10

LapTotal timeLap timePen. LapsName
103:43:2403:40:350Ryan Aronson
205:18:3601:35:120Jack Suggett
307:16:5401:58:180Tristan Aronson
409:05:3401:48:390Ben Suggett
511:11:1602:05:410Ryan Aronson
612:53:1001:41:540Jack Suggett
715:32:5602:39:450Tristan Aronson
817:54:1602:21:200Ben Suggett
920:12:0102:17:450Ryan Aronson
1021:43:4901:31:470Jack Suggett

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