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Local Community Partners

Our local partners are important to our event goals. Please support them whenever your in a position to do so.


Beamers Coffee

“We can not say enough about Stuart and his team! We have been with 24 Hours of Adrenalin from the beginning. Back in 1996, Stuart used Beamers as his office, meeting place, and of course a lot of coffee to put on such a great event. Even to this day, when Stuart walks through the door at Beamers, you know that 24 isn’t far away! We are proud to be part of the 24 Hours of Adrenalin experience right from the start and will continue to be part of such an exciting event here in Canmore!” – Michael & Darren


Dark Horse Company 

“It has been terrific working with Stuart and the 24 HRS team to design the racer schwag and marketing materials. What a wild event – the night riding is insanely fun, the spectating and cheering are awesome too. The racers, organizers and volunteers are super friendly. The 24 HRS always delivers an epic experience!” – Jean


Gibson Pictures 

“I have worked with Stu and his crew the last couple years as event photographer and this is one weekend that’s circled on my calendar again this year.  The whole crew involved with the 24 Hours are great to work alongside. It’s a mission for the organizers and for the participants. For many it’s a race. For many it’s a ride. It’s a fun event which keeps people coming back.” – John


Printing by Dave 

“We appreciate the fact that 24HOA continues to support local businesses even though they have many opportunities to take their business elsewhere.”

Dave Hanna

The Pro Image

“Stuart and the 24 Hours team are great to deal with.  I was impressed with the organization and professionalism of the crew.  Stuart’s focus on trying to help the local economy as a whole and using local supplies make this event one that is truly valuable to the community.”



“It takes a special person, and group of people, to pull off an event like the 24 Hours of Adrenaline. Stuart and his group are all of that and more. The 24 Hours of Adrenaline is a world class race. It’s a pleasure working with this event for the past four years, and we’re looking forward to many more.”

Darren Ikeda. Beast Inc.


Banff Airporter 

“Supporting 24HOA is great fun. When I cross the finish line I can look up and see our logo through vision blurred by sweat and tears. I get to hear Kevin talk about Banff Airporter over the mic. Deep down I know the racers would rather be enjoying the comfort of one of our luxury coaches instead of spending the next 24 hours in the saddle. When 24HOA has finished for another year I can sit at home in my hot tub, drowning in my pain and say: “Maybe the local’s will use us because we support one of the greatest endurance races on earth!” - Mark Yawney General Manager




The Bike Shop - Calgary

Outside Bike & Ski - Canmore



Glen Crawford Productions


Canmore Nordic Centre Provincial Park



We welcome the opportunity to work with a progressive partner in the Bow Valley! 

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